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Bud/Ikebana Vase Sets

Bud/Ikebana Vase Sets

$100 includes shipping*

Each vase varies from 3"- 6" tall x 1"- 3" wide.

Unsteamed walnut or birch

Designed, built, finished, and photographed by Robert Morrissey.

Copyright Philomath Woodworks 2024

  • About these vases:

    Bud vase, solid walnut or birch, hand made, hand sanded and hand finished with Philomath LinBee Wood Finish. 


    No two are alike and each vase is made with love and purpose.
    Repurposed from furniture cutoffs.


    Perfect minimal sculptures that hold gravity at bay. 


    These vases enhance your arrangement without overwhelming the minimal aesthetic of your design. 


    I taper all four sides then decide if the vase has an upward or downward feel.
    A hole is then drilled that holds a test tube so water can be added to sustain your arrangement.


    These bud vases are sold as a set of three vases. 
    Each set is either walnut or birch (please specify).
    Each vase varies from 3"- 6" tall x 1"- 3" wide.


    Each vase is lovingly selected for optimal symmetry and aesthetic of the set.

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