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Ma Dining Table Walnut with Maple Dutchman and Walnut Base

Ma Dining Table Walnut with Maple Dutchman and Walnut Base

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50w x 47d x 30t

Live edge bookmatched walnut with maple dutchman and walnut base.

Designed, built, finished and photographed by Robert Morrissey.

Copyright Philomath Woodworks 2024

  • About this table:

    The Japanese concept of Ma (間) is a philosophical concept of the space between the edges, between the beginning and end, the space in between, literally meaning gap, space, or pause.

    Brianna Stelfox

    Philomath Woodworks Ma Dining Tables are culled from our collection of fine and rare bookmatched live edge slabs. The negative space between the two halves (Ma) is then artfully designed to compliment the flow of the grain and inherent features in each slab. The Ma creates both tension and fluidity. Next any touching edges are joined with a traditional japanese hand plane. Finally, dutchman joints are inlaid from a contrasting species. Each dutchman joint creates a structural and beautiful lifetime joint that marries the halves into one. Bases are then designed and built to harmonize with the tables unique environment in mind.

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