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Philomath MinBee Food Safe Wood Finish

Philomath MinBee Food Safe Wood Finish

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4 oz. 1/4 pint jar.


  • About this finish:

    35 years of making fine furniture has taught me many skills. Among my favorites is my proprietary shop made wood finish.


    Philomath MinBee is a secret blend of natural oils and pure Montana beeswax. It's safe for contact with food, perfect for salad bowls, cutting boards, Philomath Sushi Boards, and children's toys. Minbee finish is so safe, it's edible... although I don't know why you would.


    It’s mineral oil base penetrates the smallest pores and doesn’t dry too quickly allowing deep penetration. 


    The high beeswax content fills the wood pores and gives the surface a warm feel, tone, and silky appearance.


     It’s properties are hard wearing, resistant to dirt and water, solvent free, superior penetration, transparent, anti static, warm to the touch, honey toned, color deepening, saliva and sweat resistant.



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