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Quercus Farm Stool

Quercus Farm Stool

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24w x 21d x 35t

Unsteamed Walnut 

Designed, built, finished and photographed by Robert Morrissey.

Copyright Philomath Woodworks 2023

  • About this stool:

    Originally designed and built for Quercus Farm, a farm to table restaurant located south of Atlanta. This stool has many unique features. Built entirely from unsteamed walnut, each seat's shape is one-fifth of an overall floriform. The seat's sides are hand-carved with a drawknife into a partial radius relief for comfort against your legs. The stools legs are hand-planed into a reverse tapered octagon, flowing with a gentle rise from thick to thinner, before the wedged through tenons lock into the seats mortise. The stool is designed with only three legs to keep one's eyes on tilt, yet the geometry of the leg's rake and splay keeps the stool extremely stable. The back rest is first hand planed into an octagon, then steam bent into an exact radius to match the back of the seat. The stools round tenons are wedged or pegged into its corresponding mortise for years of flawless use. Finally, a round foot rest is mortised through the front leg to insure hours of comfortable sitting.

    Inquire about discounts on sets of five or more.


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