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Walnut Kanchireba Coffee Table

Walnut Kanchireba Coffee Table

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48w x 20d x 17t

Walnut live edge top. 

Unsteamed walnut: through tenon base, wedge, and two inlaid dutchman.

Designed, built, finished, and photographed by Robert Morrissey.

Copyright Philomath Woodworks 2021.

  • About this table:

    Solid live edge walnut top featuring two inlaid walnut dovetail Dutchman joints, and wedged through tenon joinery locking the top to the solid walnut reverse tapered base (original and unique to Philomath Woodworks).


    Inlaid double dovetailed (Dutchman) joints are used to stabilize inherent cracks found in the live edge top. These joints are not only beautiful, they are extremely strong and useful to prevent further cracking or warping.


    Proprietary Philomath LinBee Finish - a natural blend of linseed oil and Montana beeswax (for more details please see LinBee product page).


    This table is in my Kanchireba series. Kanchireba is Japanese for cantilever. In this series, the base or "Chushin" (meaning center, heart, core, focus) is intentionally offset, creating a dramatic tension between the chushin and the inherent energy of the live edge top.


    Original and unique to Philomath Woodworks is the use of wedged mortise and tenon joinery. This joint marries the tapered base to the live edge top. Woodworkers around the world have used the mortise and tenon joint for thousands of years to join pieces of wood, mainly when the adjoining pieces connect at right angles, which also gives an attractive look. The mortise and tenon joint is considered to be one of the strongest joints next to the common dovetail joint, and is difficult to make due to the precise and tight cutting required. In its most basic form, a mortise and tenon joint is both simple and strong. I then go one step further by chiseling a second mortise into the through tenon that then accepts a wedge. The wedge locks the top to the base in a beautiful display of simplicity and craftsmanship.

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